Posted by: tomciocco | September 16, 2012


The Adriatic, at least the Italian Adriatic, has long been a seaside getaway, especially for the working class. It’s beaches are broad and deep, with plenty of capacity for umbrellas and cabanas and countless boisterous families. The Adriatic’s eastern coast could hardly be more different. Over the last five years or so, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast has become a hot ticket for savvy European tourists, but even still, many of the scores of green and white rocky islands set into frothing azure seas on this side of The Sea are quiet and largely uncorrupted.

This is the coast with settlements like the wonderfully well-preserved ancient Roman town of Split, the charming, cosmopolitan city of Dubrovnik, and the island of Korcula that begat this evening’s wine. The entire island of Korcula is speckled with vineyards, but the town of Cara (all of these “c’s” are supposed to have those little upside-down circumflex above them – no can do here…) is famous for the cultivation of a decidedly native white grape called Posip (the “s” also needs one of those little marks). This is only my second or third ever contact with Posip, so much more about it than this I cannot say, but from the brief time that I have spent with it, it’s clear to me that it’s a variety of real quality with a depth, concentration, and texture, as well as a bright, complex and slightly exotic scent profile that could characterize it as a sort of sun-splashed Chenin Blanc…

On the menu: traditional Dalmatian zucchini, lemon, and herb  fritters as an appetizer, and then an adaption of another tradtional Croatioan recipe – chicken braised with apricots, marjoram, tomatoes, garlic, and wine, etc., with plain white rice.










P.Z. Posip – Cara Posip 2010 

Bright, medium gold color with strong green tinge. Evolvingly complex nose of crushed pine nuts, sliced pear, apple blossom, lemon custard, honeydew melon, wet clay, oyster mushrooms, and a very subtle spiciness. The palate is  very well structured – almost tannic – with a deep, cohesive, and concentrated soft texture accented by a fine but notable acidity that offsets fairly intense flavors of yellow plum, lime, orange, pear nectar, walnut creme,  ginger ale, and touch of rose water. Soft and warm bitter-sweet finish.


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