Posted by: tomciocco | May 11, 2012


Piedmont would definitely take either win, place, or show in the Italian grape sweepstakes. There are all the ones you know well – Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto; the ones you sort of know – Cortese, Freisa, Grignolino; and the ones hardly anybody knows – Timorasso, Avarengo, and …Pelaverga.

As I said in the title, this is the third post about Pelaverga, so it seems unecessary to say that when I’m out shopping for wine, I keep my eyes peeled for Pelaverga. So, as to not to be overly redundant, I refer you to my earlier posts here and here to provide the background on this lithe, nimble and pretty light red wine. It’s worth mentioning that this particular cuvee of Pelaverga from this producer has been dubbed with the wonderful Latin saying “Do ut des” which translates roughly as “I give and you give back”.

As usual, regional matching was the guide, so I made a first course of egg pappardelle with a spinach cream sauce, and then trota alla piemontese  –  a whole trout poached in broth and a bit of vinegar with aromatic veggies, white raisins, sage and rosemary and thickened with a flour slurry with just some simple boiled potatoes as the contorno.











Ascheri Verduno Pelaverga “Do ut Des” 2009

Transparent, slightly brownish violet-tinged ruby color. Ethereal but still fairly intense nose of strawberry, maraschino cherries, sweet asian spices, musk, dried flowers, talc, and just fallen leaves. The medium-light body is smooth, feminine, elegant, and velvety in texture, peppery tannins, softly tart acidity, and defined flavors of raspberry, red currants, and mocha. Fairly rich and long bittersweet  finish.


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