Posted by: tomciocco | May 1, 2012


The first one that might come to mind is Pouilly Fuisse` which many agree is the premier appellation in Burgundy’s southernmost Macon sub-zone. It’s made from Chardonnay. This one’s not that one.  Another celebrated “Pouilly” (in all cases by the way, “Pouilly” is the name of a town – there are several villages with that name scattered around France) , is Pouilly Fume` which is a wine made many kilometers away from the Macon in the Loire valley.  It’s made from Sauvignon Blanc, and it’s also not this evening’s wine, but we’re very close…So in addition to these two famous regions, there’s also Pouilly-Vinzelles and Pouilly-Loche’ (both located back over in Burgundy), and finally, tonight’s drink a Poiully-sur-Loire. It’s made from…

Chasselas (skidding and crash sound). WHAT? In a few words only, Chasselas (SHASS-eh-lah) is also Switzerland’s Fendant (where the variety probably reaches its top mark boyh in terms of esteem and quality), Italy’s Marzemina Bianca, and a good handful of other local names where ever it grows in spots in Germany, Austria, and Eastern Europe. Sadly, in the Loire it’s often treated like a sort of oenological red-headed stepchild, often being relegated to the production of lakes of  wine to fill the “house white” carafes in the region’s countless bistros. That said, many once maligned and dismissed grape varieties find their champions, and in the Loire, Marc Deschamps is undoubtedly one of them.

The trio of cheeses (along with bread, apples and pears, and walnuts) that went along with this wine were a Boucheron (goat’s milk), a St. Nectaire (cow’s milk), and Abbaye de Belloc (sheep’s milk).


Marc Deschamps Pouilly-sur-Loire “Les Loges” 2010

Medium-pale straw/gold color. The nose opens with pear and lime aromas, followed by notes of dried yellow flowers, subtle, sweet spices, flint, wet clay, and a touch of kerosene. The palate shows a great dense chewy texture and a medium-full body that is cohesive and focused, and a clean, complete and balanced sour/bitter structure that springs fresh flavors of peach nectar, yellow cherry, sake, and fresh herbs, with underlying flavors of apricot and tangerine. Very good length.


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