Posted by: tomciocco | January 7, 2011


A couple of weeks back I posted about a passetoutgrain, which was a sort of follow-up to a previous piece on the very same wine, and prior to both, a post on a Cheverny rouge which is a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, just like the two passetoutgrains, and just like the Saint-Pourcain we drank tonight.

And like the Cheverny, which comes from a quiet little corner of the Loire, Saint-Pourcain (which is France’s newest A.O.C., by the way) comes from another one. And so it seems we’ve come full circle on the esoteric Gamay/Pinot Noir blends, though maybe by way of M.C. Escher…

A busy day led me away from the kitchen today, and since we hadn’t indulged lactically in some time, we had cheese, Anjou pears, walnuts, and bread for tonight’s repast. If I can, I like to put out a trio of cheeses all from within one country (France in this case), made from all three milks: one pure cow, one pure sheep, and one pure goat. Depending on what, where, when, etc., I can’t always manage to bring this arrangement together, but today we got lucky. Representing the bovines, was L’Edel de Cleron, with the ovine champion being the quite rare Tomme de Fedou, and the caprine choice? –  the very fancily-named Jacquin Caprin Grande Coupe. This high-toned, acidic wine danced beautifully with all three cheeses, but for what it’s worth, for my taste, it paired best with the L’Edel…to the tasting notes…! 

Domaine Nebout Saint-Pourcain Rouge 2008

Slightly blackish, just barely translucent ruby color. Very forward aromas of lightly smokey raspberry fruit, violets, sweet brown spices, and a hint of dill pickle. The medium body shows clean and round sweet/tart strawberry and cherry cola flavors inside a crunchy structure. The wine finishes with considerbale length, and flavors of sweetened black tea.


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