Posted by: tomciocco | October 9, 2010


…I’m looking for an old farm house! The red I’m raving about here bears the wonderful double mouthful name of Vernaccia Nera di Serrapetrona. Here’s the break-downThe now proper noun “Vernaccia”, in old Italian was once just a regular old noun stemming from a Latin root word meaning “local” (hence the title of the post). So Vernaccia Nera di Serrapetrona is simply an old way to denote the “local red (nera) wine from Serrapetrona”, just like Vernaccia di San Gimignano is the “local wine from San Gimignano”and Vernaccia di Oristano is the…you get the idea.

Serrapetrona (seh ra peh TRO na), just down the road a piece from Macerata in Italy’s Marche region, is a vertiable hamlet. This area, dear readers, is in the STICKS. It don’t get no more “local” than this. And the grape is so isolated in this one exceedingly small rural area, that only half-baked legendary stories offer any clues as to how, when, and what…Who knows? It’s just there folks, and it’s been nowhere else for as long as anyone can remember.  There is no uncertainty to the assertion that Vernaccia Nera is a unique and distictive cultivar however, and there’s also no doubting that it yields fascinating wines of real quality, enough so that this truly esoteric oddity has been granted its own DOC, and rightly so.

This very sexy wine went to the table with some creamy mushroom and herb crostini, and then mackerel baked with potatoes, tomatoes, and onions.

Colli di Serrapetrona“Collequanto” Serrapetrona DOC 2008

Sultry purple rose color. Elegant and exotic nose of fruit preserved in alcohol, toasted almond, asian spices, dried red flowers, and vinous black currant notes. The palate is velvety and complex but still very vivacious with flavors of cracked black pepper, and stiff-backed, juicy sweet and sour pomegranate and black raspberry fruit. The finish Finish is quite long, warm, and aromatic.


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