Posted by: tomciocco | May 8, 2010


OH YEAH! I set out this afternoon after some Spanish mackerel. Got to my fishin’ hole and I was shit out of luck. No mackerel. So I had to jettison the orange/sage/garlic /pepper flake marinade onto the gas grill idea, and opted for  a couple of pieces of turbot that I poached and dressed Galician style… Maybe I should have saved the inspiring redemption story for later, but whatever.

Before the fish floppin’ , I was north-southing the produce looking for a side dish, and WHOA! – RAMPS!!!  I grabbed a heavy dozen or so of this savage cousin of the leek, and wound up adding them to the sauce for the fish in place of the onions – TO the quarter cup of olive oil, three slivered garlic cloves, a few bay leaves, lightly sizzling (in went the coarsely chopped ramps). When all was golden and wilted, off the heat,  teaspoon of  pimenton, and a jigger of good apple cider vinegar, S&P, and few big swirls. This went over the broth poached turbot. A little bit spilled onto the haricots verts I crisp-shrivelled in butter and cilantro that I slung on the side. We drank a big-boned, minerally, slightly funky stone fruited Godello. Off ramp…



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