Posted by: tomciocco | May 30, 2008

How it all worked out…

I’m the first one to admit I’m wrong, but things came out just about as I’d expected them to…I went with the Chianti. which was aces with the tomato/rosemary sauce, and did pick up fairly well on the earthy, slightly sweet chestnut gnocchi, but ultimately, a bit more flesh and bone (a real good Chianti Colli Senesi perhaps) would have made it a superb match.

By the way, the “microwaving after boiling and cooling of the gnocchi” technique (see previous post) worked quite well once again. Why it worked I couldn’t even begin to guess. If you’ve got some tough gnocchi on hand, try boiling, cooling, saucing, then microwaving (good and hot) them and see if they don’t relax a bit for you as well. If anyone tries this little dumpling workover, post your results.

The pork tenderloins also turned out nicely – they took about 19 minutes(ver a medium-hot gas grill) with a 6 or seven minute rest, and they sliced up perfectly porky pink and juicy. The wine went very well with the meat itself and the fairly classic marinade (4 hours in olive oil, white wine, sage, rosemary, garlic, paprika, salt and pepa`) but ultimately the lightish, and cleanly fruity body struggled valiantly but was finally vanquished by the grill’s smokey smitings. Again, I think that a more corpulent, and/or aged Chianti would have harmonized well. Here are my notes on the wine:

San Fabiano Conti Borghini Baldovinetti Chianti 2006

Dark but not highly saturated blackish purple color. Nose of damp earth, blackberry, sour cherry, and cinnamon. The body is svelte, but it is still robust and zesty with juicy plum flavors, a nice balance, and a surprisingly long and elegant finish. This a relaxed wine with real character. It’s very true to grape and place, and clearly reflects the fabulous 2006 vintage .




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